Delhi- Jahangirpuri’s recent local government violence (NIA) Court (PIL) is submitted in front of the court (PIL), and in the other seven countries between the other seven countries RAM NAVAMI looking for. The PIL submitted by the lawyer’s Bunett Jindal was asked to determine the NIA probe instruction to see if there was a link between violence and “Antinatise and International Organization”.

  Hanuman Jayanti (April 16) Violence Witters have reported a stage of urban violence in several states during the recent RAM-NAVAMI behavior. By creating an ignition and stone railway, violence involving the trailer by creating a trailer in the process and a destruction car that produces a disturbing car that produces a disturbing car is a threat to the domestic sovereignty, and dissolves Hinduism. And it is to cause the essence of value. Of the communities, a lawsuit said. The drivers showed the participation of an organization such as an ISIS to participate in the participation of terrorism, and possibly Hindus.

 The petitioner argued that these were attempts to destabilize “Indian social structure” and therefore NIA investigations were essential.

 Jindal also said he had filed a complaint with the investigative agency on the violence during Ram Navami as early as April 15.

 Another lawyer has petitioned Chief Justice of India NV Ramana to be aware of the rioting Supreme Court at Jahangir Puri.

 Attorney Amritpal Singh Karsa urged the Supreme Court to exercise a “court of letters” and form a committee chaired by a judge of the Supreme Court to conduct an impartial investigation into the riots.

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