Rajasthan bar association, Jaipur during the continuation of strike boycotted the bench of the High court on September 27, 2021. The contempt proceeding began against them by the apex court after their decision of boycott.

Rajasthan bar association recently wrote a letter of apology to Supreme Court. On 25 November 2021 the apex court accepted the apology letter given by the Rajasthan bar association and stopped the contempt proceeding going against them.

On 17, November 2021 the apology letter with affidavits was filed by the office members of Rajasthan bar association in Rajasthan High court but it was rejected by the Supreme Court as the apology is followed by the conditions and qualified.

 Then they filed a letter of apology with affidavits and resolutions before Supreme Court without any condition precedent. The court accepted the apology. The bench constituted by Justice M R Shah and Justice Sanjiv Khanna after accepting the persuasion given under affidavit passed direction for the bar association.

The court directed to office bearer of the bar association to file a better affidavit and resolution which consist that in future they will not boycott the bench of a single judge or pressurize chief justice of the High court to change the role of some other judge or pressurize some other judge.

In future, they will not strike or boycott the bench. If they don’t follow the words mentioned under their affidavits and resolution. Strict action will be taken against them by the court.

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