Legal notice is written against complaints of private issues, complaints against employer/employees, cheque bounce and others. The one who draft a legal notice has to inform the person against whom the legal notice is to be issued about issuing of notice. A well-drafted legal notice helps an individual to avail the fastest remedy. It makes the recipient agree to the terms of the party who is sending the notice and so eliminates the necessity to require the bear on court if attainable. Thus legal notice may be a warning provide to an individual before filing a legal suit against him.

Legal Notice Meaning

Legal notice is a notice to another party of the intention t begin legal proceeding if the latter party not fulfilled the terms and condition. It is sort of a final warning to the receiver that the sender is all ready to initiate legal action and it’s the ultimate chance for the receiver to resolve the problem.

Legal Notice can be filed in Civil Cases;

  • Negotiable instruments related issues
  • Husband-wife divorce conflicts
  • Non Payment of Salary
  • Property related disputes
  • Matrimonial Issues
  • Insurance claims etc. related issues

Content and drafting a Legal Notice;

  • Contact a Lawyer: A legal Notice is being sent through a Lawyer and also the first step is get him.
  • Share Information: All the information and facts are explained thoroughly to the lawyer, just like the name of the parties, addresses, issues, grievances, and also the relief you want and require.
  • Provide document to lawyer: Give all needed and required documents to your lawyer for filing the notice.
  • LEGAL NOTICE DRAFTING: The notice is drafted by the lawyer in legal language mentioning about the reason behind sending the notice, information necessary, and time e.g. 15 days, thirty days or sixty days is given to reply the noticee.
  • Sign on legal notice: The notice is punctually signed by the Sender and also the by the Lawyer and is mostly sent via registered post or courier with the acknowledgment receipt being maintained safely. A replica/copy of the notice is additionally kept by the lawyer for future.

Advantages of a Legal Notice

Legal notices is an important principle of the courts because it provides a platform and an opportunity to each the parties to succeed in a agreement before going to the court.

  • Common consensus: A legal notice provides each the parties to succeed in a standard and common consensus. It offers them an opportunity to place forward their complaints and grievances.
  • Time saving: All of us know how long complaints take to resolve and this whole journey is incredibly hard and long for each the parties. This procedure also helps in saving time.
  • Money saving: It’s a well known proven fact that the method of judicial proceeding consumes lots of money, the procedure of communication through notice offers a midway to each the parties.
  • Honest and affordable chance: Legal notice is a vital a part of the judgement method providing honest and affordable probabilities to settle the controversial points and to intimate the parties of the legal action.

Legal notices play very important role in resolving matters before they reached the court through counseling and arbitration/mediation and mutual accepting. Mainly in matters of cheque defaults, family disputes and husband-wife divorce conflicts. A well written legal notice will create the opportunity for parties to resolve their disputes without being within the trouble of a proper proceeding and so will save time and prices.

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