In a momentous stride towards enhancing judicial efficiency, the Madhya Pradesh High Court has unveiled the “Vision 2047” initiative on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day. This pioneering endeavor aims to ensure that no case remains unresolved for more than a year from its inception at the Madhya Pradesh judiciary by the centenary year of India’s independence in 2047.

Chief Justice Ravi Malimath India, in a special message, highlighted the significance of this ambitious goal, emphasizing the collective responsibility of the bar and bench in delivering timely justice to litigants. He commended the tireless efforts of the legal fraternity, acknowledging their pivotal role in achieving monumental results.

Underpinning the launch of “Vision 2047” are a series of strategic measures implemented by the High Court during 2022 and 2023 to address systemic challenges and bolster the efficacy of both the High Court and district courts across Madhya Pradesh. Notable among these initiatives is the remarkable milestone of the highest-ever disposal of cases recorded in the history of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. Additionally, the judiciary witnessed the highest disposal of cases aged over five years in the district judiciary, marking a significant breakthrough in clearing backlog.

One of the instrumental schemes instrumental in this endeavor is the ’25 Debt Scheme,’ introduced in October 2021 to tackle the backlog of aged cases that had languished for decades without adjudication. Chief Justice Malimath India underscored the profound impact of this scheme, noting the successful disposal of cases dating back to the 1960s, with a staggering aggregate of 3,93,391 cases over five years old resolved by December 2023. He lauded the concerted efforts of the judiciary in addressing long-standing grievances of litigants while expressing a sense of pride in achieving such momentous outcomes.

The Chief Justice emphasized the pivotal role of continued and proper implementation of the ’25 Debt Scheme’ in realizing the judiciary’s vision for 2047. In this vein, a dedicated committee, chaired by the Chief Justice and comprising judges, senior advocates, advocates, academicians, and other stakeholders, has been constituted to spearhead the realization of this transformative vision. The committee’s mandate encompasses devising strategies and interventions to ensure expeditious resolution of cases within the stipulated timeframe.

The inaugural meeting of the ‘Vision 2047’ Committee is slated to take place imminently, signaling a proactive approach towards realizing the objectives set forth. The legal fraternity, including senior advocates and advocates, has been invited to contribute their valuable insights and suggestions to shape the trajectory of this ambitious initiative. Moreover, input from litigants and other stakeholders is actively encouraged, underscoring the participatory ethos underpinning the “Vision 2047” endeavor.

In his closing remarks, Chief Justice Malimath India lauded the unwavering commitment of the legal fraternity in upholding the sanctity of the institution and serving the cause of justice. He reiterated the judiciary’s steadfast resolve to leverage initiatives such as ’25 Debt’ and ‘Boond’ to give back to society and advance the nation’s collective aspirations. With ‘Vision 2047,’ the Chief Justice called upon all stakeholders to harness their collective strengths and rededicate themselves to the noble pursuit of delivering timely justice for the betterment of society and the nation at large.

The launch of “Vision 2047” heralds a new chapter in the annals of the Madhya Pradesh judiciary, characterized by a resolute commitment to expeditious resolution of cases and equitable dispensation of justice. As the legal fraternity rallies behind this transformative initiative, the promise of a more responsive and accountable judicial system beckons—a testament to the enduring spirit of justice and democracy in the Republic of India.

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