The Madras HC fined two petitioners of Rs 35,000 for falsely accusing police officers. Futher observed the increases in number of false cases against the police official.

Judge Subramaniam, who last week awarded costs to M Kala and A Muthukumar, who ran an orphanage, said to the Chennai Police Commissioner that his seven police officers had tried to rob him, respectively. Therefore the disciplinary action should be taken against them.

Courts should never tolerate the increasing tendency to accuse perpetrators of police by registering criminal cases, the judge said. In recent days, the practice of submitting unnecessary briefings to officers without content has increased.

Police officials say the complainants are operating the home illegally and a lawsuit has been filed against them. Police rescued the child in a habeas corpus process after filing a complaint against a missing person report of the child and handed it over to the mother. Nevertheless, a petition has been filed to initiate disciplinary proceedings against seven police officers.

Whenever police officers take legal action and follow procedures; to escape the rule of law, these criminals will file written petitions against them with false allegations, and will report that such allegations are false or Such allegations are serious if unsubstantiated or proven measures are found to be justified.

Therefore, we hold that this complaint was made without cause. Petitioner has not even established similarity of legal claims for the purpose of considering an appeal. Therefore, this complaint is a proper case for an award of costs,” the judge added, and further imposed the costs.

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