Two persons are in love but they both get married to a person other than their lover, due to the unhappy life they decided to live with each other. Like movies, they chose to die together when society is not leaving them to live happily together. The date and place for dying together are decided to be at Yamuna river by jumping together. The twist in the story came when the woman takes the plunge, men decide not to give up his precious life for the sake of love.  Shocked by the betrayal of her lover, the woman who knows swimming came out of the river. Now after no affection left for him, a 32-year-old woman, the mother of his daughter, submitted an FIR in the police station that Chandu, aged 30.  The incident happened on May 29th. Police said the investigation into the case was underway. Police officer Santosh Singh said the FIR was filed against Chandu because of attempted murder and damage to a woman’s cell phone. The woman informed the police that she was in a relationship with the man for several years. Before this incident, she went to Pune with her daughter. During that period, Chandu got married without informing her.  When the woman returned back to Prayagraj on May 18, they quarrelled. He promised to marry her after taking the divorce from his wife. After this, they finally decided to commit suicide.  On May 29th, both met at the New Yamuna Bridge. As informed by woman she first jumped into the river, but Chandu did not obey her. Then the woman somehow managed to returned back to the riverbank. police arrived at the scene and later took the woman to the hospital for treatment.

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