Division bench of 2 judges dealing the matter of PIL on implementation
of manual scavenging regarding proscribe of occupation of manual
scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013 on Thursday. During the
proceeding judge call on ASG to take initiatives regarding the people
who work for human wastes by picking them. Prior court had asked the
centre to give the records that what they had confiscate initiatives to
prevent the occupation of those who pick human wastes and told the
centre to take the steps according to the directions issued in the
judgment of safai andolan vs UOI. ASG took the Court through the
methods which is adopted by centre and also the duration of surveys.
Also told the Court about the meeting that takes place on 5th July, 2013
as per Court’s discretion. ASG informed about the app named swachhata
abhiyan launched b centre, where people can upload about the human
wastes and insanitary conditions and that data or picture which is upload
is verified by district administration. Amicus curiae called by court to
look into this matter and they pointed out the plight of the
implementation of act is concerned with scavengers, rehabilitation and
compensation. The pin point that it is foremost to empower the
institutions for implementation. There should be nexus between centre
and state to examined and proper implementation of this act and also the
data. They said that only Chhattisgarh and odisha taken initiative in
composing the Committee at state level. He pointed out the loopholes in
national safai karamchari commission that states that there should be 7
members but currently possess 2 members only. Union social minister
spread news regarding manual scavengers around 58,098 were
recognized in india the surveys of 2013 and 2018.New Delhi news says
about that nobody surrenderd to manual scavenging in India and the
delinate says that approx 941 persons died while cleaning human wastes,
tanks etc in the last 3 decades, after all these governments gets lot of
condemnation from activisits. According to reports Tamil Nadu bagged

first position in death of manual scavenging. it is proscribe as per
manual scavenging act, 2013. it is illegal who practised it according to
caste based practice but activists says that it is continue like as normal
days. under SRMS, social justice minister told that assistance of cash
was deposited to the accounts of all the people who are indulge in
collecting human stools to their bank accounts but it is done only once.
highest number of people of this profession particularly came from Uttar
Pradesh. government done distinction between manual scavenging and
the individuals who clean septic tanks. but the government got
reprimand from the activists and experts regarding differences between
them major loophole is that government not ready to understand the
foremost importance of dignity of human and self respect of most
marginalized. it is barbaric in nature because the government is the
protector for citizens and they didn’t protect the self respect of humans
then they are answerable to civilians. However, the philanthropic
working to mitigate this issue and also trying to protect their rights.

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