Married female prisoners will soon wear ‘mangalsutra’ and celebrate festivals such as Karva Chauth and Teej in prisons in Uttar Pradesh under the terms of a new prison manual superseding the state’s colonial-era rules. The state cabinet approved the Uttar Pradesh Prison Manual earlier this week, eliminating redundant and unrealistic provisions in the 1941 rulebook. The new prison manual adopts a more humane and sensitive approach to prison inmates, especially women, said Minister of State Dharamveer Prajapati. A new prison manual allows married female inmates to wear a ‘mangal sutra’ , Bangles, anklets and nose pins could only be worn at reasonable prices. Sanitary napkins, coconut oil and shampoo are also included in the items provided. Children of imprisoned women are registered at birth and receive all necessary vaccinations. You can also watch her naming ceremony. “I recently went to prison where a child was born. On the same day, a naming ceremony was held. The prison warden arranged the ceremony with Pandit,” Prajapati said. They also educate children who live with their mothers in the barracks, and teachers are stationed in each prison to prevent constant barracks discussions about crimes committed by their mothers. Minister for Children’s said pregnant and nursing mothers could receive all the care and  nutrition in addition to medical facilities. Kindergarten for child with reasonable accommodation for sports, education and education. New prison manual entertainment. Regular meals include daily chutney, monthly kadi chawal, and nightly tea biscuits, and a bakery is also  set up in the prison. the provisions of Holi, Diwali and all national festivals are celebrated with ‘kheer’ (rice pudding) on ​​the menu. The minister said reservations would be given to Muslim prisoners during the fast, adding that similar arrangements would be made for Hindu prisoners. In addition to the neem twigs  currently provided for brushing teeth, prisoners receive toothpaste. Prisoners who wish to use toothbrushes and toothpaste can purchase them in the prison canteen. Provides audiovisual media for educational and entertainment purposes. All visitors are photographed and videotaped, and if a loved one dies, inmates have the opportunity to go to the prison gates and offer their condolences. Visits with relatives and spouses in prison are allowed once a week and phone calls are allowed if family members are in separate prisons.

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