It’s the rarest scenario when a lawyer filed the case against his client. In this case, a Mumbai based lawyer filed the case against his client for recovery of the unpaid amount of fees of 12,500 rupees in civil court.

Defendant hired the plaintiff in 2018 for arguing on the matter of bail and paid an advance of 5000 rupees to him. Later when the plaintiff asked for his remaining amount of fees, the defendant declined to pay the remaining amount by saying that he is not satisfied with the condition imposed on him by the court on granting bail.

The court passed an order in favour of the lawyer and said that it’s proved on the basis of documentary and oral evidence produced by the lawyer (plaintiff) before the court, as the defendant didn’t appear in court to defend his claim. The case decided exparte in favour of the plaintiff. The court further added that the transaction between the lawyer and client is commercial transaction.

The court after going through the facts and circumstances of the case held that client is liable to pay 12500 rupees to the lawyer along with the interest of 18 percent per annum.

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