Delhi high court in a case for quashing of FIR in dowry death declined to quash the FIR and held that quashing of FIR due to the settlement/compromise took place between the husband and family of the deceased wife is heinous offence and against the objective of provision of Dowry death.

In this case, Justice Mukta Gupta observed that the wife died within the five months of marriage due to the harassment caused to her by the husband and his family members.

 Section 304B of the Indian Penal code deals with the offence of dowry death. It’s an offence against society and a heinous crime. The object of this provision is to punish the accused and prevent the dowry death of newly wedded girls due to harassment.  If both the parties of the dowry death case begin to quash the FIR due to the compromise of the matter between the parties then it will nullify the objective of this section.

The court highlighted the precedent of the apex court that in the case which involved heinous and serious offences the FIR cannot be quashed on the basis of compromise between the parties.

Justice Gupta dismissed the petition filed by the accused and his family members for quashing the FIR.

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