Yesterday i.e 30.01.2018 Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has on Tuesday Decided to drop its plan to issue orange colour passport to the Person who have not passed Matric. The Ministry has also said that that the last page of the passport that is used as an address proof of the citizen shall continue.

ECR or “Emigration Check Required” category is for applicants who have not completed their school education and are travelling abroad for work. They have to get an ‘Emigration clearance’ certificate from the office of Protector of Emigrants before leaving India. However the step were taken to  protect the vulnerable labourers from exploitation abroad,

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has to change its decision has PIL has been filed in Kerala high court by Advocate Shamsudeen,and there were various opposition Stating that it would be discrimination against right to equality guaranteed under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution and it will make difference between educated and non educated people.  This would amount to segregation of the educated and less or uneducated class. As a result, the Kerala High court had issued notices to the Central government and the Passport Authority of India to submit its reply over the constitutional validity of orange passports.

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