the increasing cases of Rape the government has launched a portal by which girls who cannot come to the police station now directly complain through the portal. The Home Ministry has also formed a second portal to carry national database on sexual offenders. The registry for sexual offenders already has 4.4 lakh entries of those convicted in rape, gang rape, POCSO, eve-teasing etc.

The sexual offenders registry will be accessible only to law enforcement agencies. It has been put together to assist agencies, especially the state police. In order to effectively track and investigate, the state police have also been requested to regularly update the database from 2005 onwards.  The database shall have the names, address, photograph and fingerprint details for each entry.

The portal, ‘Cyber Crime Prevention Against Women and Children’ (CCPWC) is user-friendly and enables reporting of sexual abuse in cyberspace without revealing the identity. It has been observed that the victims of online sexual abuse often desist from filing a complaint fearing disclosure of their identity.

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