The Supreme Court on Thursday observed the demand for priority in the vaccination list by the legal fraternity.

The court said that the demands are genuine and they require consideration from the central authority.

Chief justice of India SA Bodbe told the solicitor general Tushar Mehta that “Advocates earn their livelihood by coming into contact with people. They need assurance that they will not die by coming into contact with people”.

The bench considered the transfer petition filed by the vaccination manufacturer group to the Supreme Court. The petition filed by the Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute Of India against the suo moto action taken by the Delhi High Court on vaccination priority of the legal fraternity.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said in support of the companies that other people are also coming into contact with people to earn their livelihood. I am also not vaccinated yet. How we distinguish between a 35-year-old vegetable seller and my colleague, a 35-year-old who is in more need of vaccination. This is against the principle of equality.

Soon other professionals like bank employees, journalists, etc will also demand priority in the vaccination list.

These professionals like bank employees and journalists come into contact with people more often than lawyers.

CJI replied to SG that “We don’t know about journalists. We don’t think that journalists come into contact with people. But advocates cannot survive their livelihood without meeting people”.

The SG said the criteria for vaccination are formulated by the expert committee on global grounds. The priority is given to the frontline workers, then to the people of age 60 and above. After this, a group of people between 45-60 ages is considered for giving a vaccination.

CJI asked that the expert committee can consider the requirement of the legal fraternity.

The SG agreed on this and decided to represent the concerns of the legal fraternity to the expert committee.

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