An NGO named All INDIA Bharastachar Virodhi Morcha filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) in the Delhi High Court challenging the decision of Delhi government to lower the drinking age in national capital region from 25 year old to 21 years.

Advocate Vijay Sharma represented the petitioner NGO All India Brastachar Virodhi Morcha where he challenged the decision of government. The advocate said to the court that lowering age of drinking would lead to increase of alcohol consumption among young people which in turn could result in exponential growth in alcoholism among younger generation. The petitioner also contended that the policy to lower the drinking age is in contrary to public interest as it would lead to alcoholism among younger generation.

In addition the advocate for petitioner sought that the drinking age in national capital region of Delhi should be same as it is in neighbouring states like Haryana or Uttar Pradesh. The petitioner also made a submission against the new policy decision of Delhi government of closing government alcohol outlet and allow only private outlets. He contended closing government outlet will result in depletion of quality of alcohol and the assurance of certain level of quality will not be there which is provided by government outlets. So if selling alcohol is left to the liberty of private vendors it would also be against larger public interest.

Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi and standing counsel for Delhi state government Santosh Kumar Tripathi appeared on behalf of the Delhi government.

After hearing the petitioner the Delhi High court on 28 July 2021 issued a notice to Delhi government which was accepted by standing counsel of delhi government Santosh Kumar Tripathi on behalf of Delhi state government. The state’s Standing Council asked for time to seek instruction and then only he can reply. The time was granted by the court and next date of hearing of the matter was set to 17 September 2021.

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