The Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association has taken a stand against alleged unnecessary harassment of advocates by the traffic police before and after court timings. In a recent move, the association wrote a letter to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Chandigarh, urging the issuance of directives to police officials to refrain from troubling lawyers, particularly during the critical hours between 8:00 AM to 11 AM and 4:00 PM to 6 PM.

The correspondence highlighted the repetitive complaints received by the Bar Association concerning the purported harassment of lawyers under the guise of unnecessary checks and traffic rule violations. Describing the impact of these encounters, the association emphasized the mental pressure and hindrances faced by advocates while attempting to reach the High Court on time due to alleged stoppages and checks by traffic duty officers.

Expressing concerns for lawyers’ needs to prepare for the next day’s legal obligations, especially post-4 PM, the Bar Association stressed the essential services provided by advocates to society.

The association’s move seeks to alleviate the reported inconvenience faced by legal professionals and ensure smoother access to the High Court premises during crucial hours. The plea underscores the importance of preventing undue interruptions, thereby allowing advocates to fulfill their duties effectively while preparing for subsequent legal proceedings.

The High Court Bar Association’s proactive approach highlights its commitment to safeguarding the interests and work environment of its members, addressing potential disruptions that impede advocates from discharging their professional responsibilities efficiently.

The matter signifies an ongoing effort to maintain a conducive and supportive environment for legal practitioners, ensuring their timely presence in court without undue interference or harassment during the specified hours.

In related news, other recent updates from various courts and legal entities reflect ongoing developments, including court notifications, training programs, bail grants, and security breach directives, showcasing a diverse array of legal activities and reforms.

This concerted effort by the Bar Association serves as a significant step in advocating for a smoother work environment for legal professionals, aligning with the principles of an efficient and hassle-free justice system. The association’s plea to the law enforcement authorities underscores the importance of facilitating a conducive atmosphere for advocates to fulfill their professional duties effectively and contribute to the judicial process without unnecessary disruptions or impediments.

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