Congress leader Rahul Gandhi filed a revision application challenging a Surat court’s  denial to stay his conviction in a defamation case on Tuesday before the Gujarat High Court.   Advocate said that the revision application has been filed under CrPC section 397, primarily on the grounds that the  discipline of two years for  lawless  defaming is disproportionate and that  unrecoverable  detriment has been caused that has  routed to Gandhi  misplacing membership of the Lower House of Parliament, said Gandhi’s advocate on record before the Gujarat HC. The case remains to be registered on the court’s records following which a date for  the case before a single judge court will be posted.  A Surat court of sessions on April 20 had rejected Gandhi’s plea seeking a stay on the conviction, observing that “ if  similar power is exercised in a casual and mechanical manner, the same would have serious impact on the public perception on the justice delivery systems and  similar order will shake public confidence in bar. ”  A Surat  justice court on March 23 had condemned Gandhi to two years simple imprisonment for criminal defamation in a complaint for comment made in 2019.

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