A false case means the claim or allegation against the person of wrongdoing which is not true and not supported by the facts.

When you get to know that a false case is filed against you, as soon as possible you should make a complaint before the authority, there is no need to produce evidence in support of your complaint at this stage. It is the duty of the investigating officer to collect the evidence.

You don’t have to panic about a false case if the case filed against you doesn’t constitute an offence under the law or if the prosecution doesn’t have reasonable evidence against you or if you can adduce evidence in court and satisfy the court that you had not committed any offence.

If you choose to contest your case, the prosecution becomes bound to produce evidence against you in a reasonable time, you also get the chance to cross-examine the prosecution witness which itself helps you to reveal the truth before the court. After the prosecution, you will get the chance to defend. You can produce anything in favour of your defence and can also become a defence witness. Your evidence before the court as witness is of equal weightage as of any other witness.

Engaging a good lawyer to defend your case is as much necessary to defend your case.

If the case is such which needs sanction then the Sanctioning authority can also be made responsible for sanctioning the case without applying the mind to the facts and circumstances. Action can be taken against that authority also.

The magistrate before commencing the trial must apply his mind to the facts of the case to decide whether any case is made out or not. If the case is found to be false then action must be taken against the complainant.

Strict action must be taken against the members’ party of prosecution if the case failed due to their false allegations in the case.

Judiciary has various powers to stop the misuse of law in the interest of justice. Parliament should also make laws to stop misuse of the law.

Don’t forget to make a complaint if a false case is filed against you because it is necessary in the interest of justice and you can also get compensated for the false case filed against you.

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