On Wednesday apex court asked Supertech (real estate giant) on failure to repay the amount to home buyers in Noida as the court passed an order in august for the demolition of the building.

The contempt pleas of home buyers were presented before the apex court. They contended that the real estate giant Supertech invited them to take their money but when they approached there then the member of the group asked them to take their money in instalments and also deducted some amount of money which was not directed by the court under the previous order.

The court ordered Noida authority to respond on 17 January 2022 on the matter of demolition of twin tower in Noida emerald court houses project.

On August 31, 2021, the apex court passed an order upholding the judgment passed by Allahabad High court for the demolition of the twin towers owned by Supertech. The apex court order the real estate giant to demolition 40 storeys buildings at its own cost within three months the date on which the order passed.

The work of demolition should be done within the supervision of officials of Noida.

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