A bench of the apex court on Tuesday remarked that every senior lawyer who has 20 years of experience in the Bar must guide at least 15 junior lawyers.

 Asking the Senior Advocates to devise some modalities to impart guidance to juniors on court craft and etiquette, the vacation bench of Justices Ajay Rastogi and BV Nagarathna said,

 “Out Of the 15, at least 5 would come up to the mark. Ultimately the second line has to come which is substantially missing. This has to be filled in a very short period. The system should continue in the same fashion the way it`s continuing.”

 Justice Rastogi, addressed senior lawyers who were waiting for matters, had observed that juniors should be provided with more opportunities during vacation.

 In the hearing today, when Senior Advocate AM Singhvi requested the bench to devise a uniform rule with regards to appearance of senior counsels during vacations, Justice Ajay Rastogi said,

 “We want the young generation of this profession to groom so that by the time the older generation wants to quit, the young generation is ready. There is a gap. This is the last court which needs to settle all the issues.”

 Recalling her experience, Senior Advocate Meenakshi Arora who was also present in court said, “We have all been a beneficiary of that. When I came in, only juniors could mention but also there is a point. Juniors must appear, they would argue but if they have difficulty, the bench would not dismiss it but will give them opportunity to come back maybe after the vacation or on the next date.”

 “Ms Arora, no problem. We don’t want any kind of injustice to anybody,” responded Justice Ajay Rastogi.

 “Bar Council can also have lectures by those who have experience on various aspects of advocacy, and court etiquette. You can organize a  series of lectures, “Judge BV Nagrasna told Symbi and Arora. In another case, the Bar Council of India notified the Supreme Court that it was considering a proposal from the Appellate Body. A senior or 25-year-old attorney requires at least five newly registered attorneys. In their office. In response to this proposal, Amicus Curiae’s senior attorney, KV Vishwanathan, suggested that older people should be given an incentive to accept new graduates instead of making it mandatory. This proposal provides incentives for older people to hire new graduates.

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