The appeal before the apex court for bail of accused convicted for seizing tablets use for sexual enhancement. The apex court observed the case and held that the tablet used for sexual enhancement made up of herbs and medicines, so they don’t come under NDPS act.

In this case accused convicted for keeping nearly 137665 tablets which collectively weigh of 90 kg at different locations in Chennai. The tablets collected from him were of different types and can be used for several purposes.

The investigation agency told before the court that these tablets come under the psychotropic substances.

Forensic report submitted to the court states that these tablets contain various types of herbs which is used for increasing sexual potency of male.

The bail was granted to the accused by the special court established under NDPS but later the above said order challenged before the Madras high court.

Madras high court reversed the order given by the special court. Against this reversal order of Madras high court this appeal is filed before the apex court.

The bench after looking into the facts and circumstances of the case said that the tablets seized form accused were the tablets used for the sexual enhancement and these tablets doesn’t come under the NDPS act. The court granted bail to the accused as there is no material recovered from him which would be illegal to keep under NDPS act.

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