On Thursday the central government passed an order of giving Rs 50,000 to the relatives of persons who died due to covid-19. The apex court expressed its happiness on ex gratia act of the central government.

The guidelines passed under National Disaster Management Authority that the amount of Rs 50,000 will be paid to the family of the deceased by the states from the state disaster response fund.

A bench headed by Justice M R Shah and Justice A S Bopanna appreciated the decision of the government as it’s bring some help to the family of those who died in Covid-19.

Justice MR Shah said that this step of government is appreciable as something is done to wipe out the tears of families who lost their close ones in Covid-19.

Further, he did not say that we have to take judicial notice of the fact because what has been done by India is done by any other country nor is it easy to do so.

Solicitor general Tushar Mehta highlighted the guidelines passed by the central government under National Disaster Management Authority. Further said that we cannot compensate for the loss, but at least we can do something for them.

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