This case shakes the consciousness of the people and the court. A court based in Delhi was shocked by a video clip showing an unidentified object being thrown  into cell from outside in Tihar Prison and asked the prison chief to report  the case. On Tuesday M.M Animesh Bhaskar Mani Tripathi  asked  DG (Prison) if prison authorities had investigated the matter.

 The court found that the case occurred despite three layers of security. “The case of a cell phone found in a prisoner’s cell has also been widely reported recently, and the Supreme Court is paying close attention to this,” the judge said.

 The court found that the case questioned the efficiency of the guards and their supervisors responsible for the protection of the prison complex, and removed the sudden inspection mechanism of the detainee’s cell / barracks in the DG (Prison). Court asked him to explain.

 The court order was issued when Shakeel Ahmed, a prisoner of the court in pending proceeding, was hearing a lawsuit against the Secretary of Tihar Prison for assaulting Mr. Ahmed and demanding 1,00,000 rupees as “protection money”.

 In response to Mr. Ahmed’s request, the Tihar Prison Complex said on May 22 that he had received information that an unidentified object had been thrown out of the prison. The prison chief said in his report that a spherical object had fallen to ward. And the same was picked by a prisoner, Naresh.  The officer said that after collecting the items, Mr. Naresh went to cell number 2 occupied by Mr. Ahmed and spoke to him. After that, Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Naresh were called in for inspection by the officer. Further investigation revealed that the unidentified object belonged to a Danish prisoner. The cell phone was not found, the prison director added. The court dismissed the report as “insufficient,” saying that “the prison director’s response was very suspicious and seemed to be written with the intention of obscuring the true case.” The court also noted that the report was silent about the person who threw the object.  The court requested the DG (Prison) to provide an answer to this question within two weeks.

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