“As part of case management, it is necessary to actively spend from the court to negotiations and arbitration, and the Supreme Court of India NV Ramana on Saturday was described at the opening event of mediation and information spoke technology in Gujarat.

“Absorbing effective ADR mechanisms in the judicial process saves judicial resources and time and reduces pendency to allow the degree of control to resolution and the degree of control to the results I can. CJI said.  “I want to start with mythological history. Imagine how much destruction has been avoided. Life could be saved, how was the kingdom won, Krishna succeeded. An integral role in disposing of cases by ADR mechanism must pursue temporary processing and party possibilities for determining this forum, which is required to solve early attacks, their conflict Use as mere delay tactics that are not required to the dissolution of early. CJI also spoke about several benefits of adopting a replacement method of dispute resolution. He makes the arbitration and negotiation of the prostate ETIS stage maximize the participation of the stakeholder, and the ADR designed by the participating model will break the existing barrier. Therefore, it is “from outsiders to process”, and citizens with direct participation will be “insiders”. CJI attacked that qualified mediators to determine some important issues during the mediation process. In particular, in situations that felt for a particular party, especially. What is the duty of the mediator if the knowledge when the reconciliation reaches a quiet viewer during such negotiations? India India’s diverse social factory justice is currently not building a robust animation environment and most of the questions need to be considered in Japan with the justice of our diverse social factory in India.

 Developing negotiation and mediation expertise is an urgent need for New Age lawyers and law students, and relevant skills not only help the world of alternative dispute resolution but also individuals in everyday life. It is also important for managing professional and professional relationships.

 When CJI talked about information technology and its usefulness in law, she quoted a quote from a British play by James Graham. “Money is okay, but data is power.”

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