Supreme Court issued a circular in which the court notified that now onwards the court will hear non-miscellaneous day hearings in physical mode. The non-miscellaneous hearing takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, on both of these days the parties will appear in court with their counsel for the hearing of the case.

The matter list will be published on Tuesday on the notice board of the court. Matter list constitutes of matters that will be heard on miscellaneous days i.e., Wednesday and Thursday.

Bar and the staff of the Supreme Court support this decision of the court and facilitating the initialization of physical hearing. So gradually the court comes into the pre-covid operating procedure.

The court modified the rules of operating procedure with the due advice of experts and lawyers for controlling the crowd in the courtroom and to proceed safely with the proceeding.

Chief Justice of India N V Ramana said to the senior advocates that the access to court increased for lawyers with safety to health and life.

The new rules are for the safety of lawyers and staff from exposure to covid-19. So the rules are framed by keeping in mind covid norms.

During the physical hearing, the court at its discretion takes a break of 15 minutes for sanitization of the courtroom.

Lawyer one at a time associated with a case called in the courtroom to maintain the social distancing. The court directed the bar to build lounges for lawyers, so there should not be any crowd in the lobby.

On Monday and Friday, miscellaneous matters are heard in virtual mode.

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