The Supreme Court on Wednesday hear the plea challenged India’s Electoral Commission (EC) decision to recognize the faction led by  Shinde as the true Shiv Sena and change the party’s name and vote symbol. The court said that “We will hear the petition of Chief Minister Thackeray”.

Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal addressed his petition in front of a bench chaired by his Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud.

Sibal urged the court to take it up on Wednesday morning the plea, saying that, “If this EC is not stopped, then Shinde will take over the bank accounts and everything.

However, the court said it will hear the petitions from the Shinde and Sakai camps starting Tuesday following last year’s political ramifications, and noted that it would pick up new petitions on Wednesday afternoon.

The CJI also said the judge had not read the file and wanted to read it before it was brought to the hearing. In the petition, it was argued that the EC could not rely on parliamentary majority tests because disqualification proceedings were pending against Shinde’s supporters.

The Electoral Symbols (Reservations and Allocations) Order 1968 deals with the powers of the EC in relation to recognized political party factions or rival factions.

The petition accused EC of being biased and unfair, and said the electoral authorities had failed to fulfill their duties as neutral in disputes under Section 15 of the Sign Order, undermining their constitutional status. . He challenged the commission decision as undemocratic.

Shinde said he was also appointed deputy chairman of Shiv Sena under the 2018 revised Party Statute. After four years of benefiting from it, Shinde now cannot turn back and challenge the constitution, he added. 

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