It is not known when he went to Punjab, but the question is who sent him to Punjab. The deceased father has trouble remembering events and dates, and only says he hopes his 17-year-old, the youngest of three children, is safe.

Delhi police arrested a young man in the case, after which he was taken to Punjab on a warrant. Punjab police have since linked the boy to the Lawrence Bishnoy gang and charged him with at least two counts of murder.

Punjab Police sources said the youth had contact with gangster Bishnoy through Deepak Surakpur, now a fugitive gang member and suspected him of attacking on the police headquarters.

“During interrogation, he said he had never met his handler and that his association with gangsters led to his involvement in the attack,” the source said.

The family’s thatched hut sits by the lake and gets flooded every time it rains.

Neighbors say the young man worked for local magnate Vinod Singh. A team of officer arrived with the boy from the Punjab and Delhi police. They went to the village with the boy.

Returning to the young man’s house, his father said, But he didn’t do anything wrong,” he said, his tears running down his cheeks.

The police took the boy in custody for the investigation in the case made against him.

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