In a significant development, the Uttar Pradesh Bar Council has decided to terminate its ongoing statewide strike and return to work starting today, following a fruitful dialogue with the Chief Secretary of the State. This decision comes after weeks of protest by lawyers in the state, who were demonstrating against an alleged police lathi-charge on advocates in Hapur district last month. The lawyers had been vociferously demanding action against the responsible police officers and the implementation of an Advocates Protection Law.

Among their key demands were compensation for the injured advocates and the withdrawal of cases against them. The breakthrough occurred after a delegation from the State Bar Council, led by Chairman Shiv Kishor Gaur, held discussions with the Chief Secretary of the UP Government, during which the state government pledged its commitment to meet the council’s demands.

The Chief Secretary assured the delegation that all the demands put forth by the Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh would be expeditiously addressed. Additionally, it was revealed that the police officers involved in the controversial incident had been transferred to ensure accountability.

The government further affirmed its commitment to withdraw the cases registered against the protesting advocates and to provide compensation to the injured legal professionals. Notably, a committee has been established to oversee the implementation of the Advocates Protection Act within the state.

Taking into account the government’s assurances and in the interest of the state’s legal community, the Bar Council unanimously resolved that judicial work would recommence in a smooth and peaceful manner, starting from September 15, 2023. This decision marks a crucial step towards resolving the issues that had led to the lawyers’ strike, bringing relief to both legal practitioners and the justice system in Uttar Pradesh.

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