In a critical turn of events, a Varanasi Court today let us knows that the court-delegated advocate commissioner has found Shiva Linga inside the Gyanvapi Mosque premises during the review of the place. As per this, the Court has requested to seal the spot/region concerned. The DM, Varanasi is requested to promptly seal the area where the Shiva linga was found and the section of any individual is precluded to enter in the fixed spot,” the usable part of the order peruses.

The Court has likewise coordinated DM, Police Official, and CRPF, Varanasi, to guarantee the insurance of the fixed spot where Shiva linga has supposedly been found in the study of the Gyanvapi mosque.

It could be noticed that on May 12, the Court had requested that study work would keep on occurring in the Gyanvapi mosque- Kashivishvanath temple premises and the official delegated prior by the Court, wouldn’t be taken out.

The Court had likewise delegated 2 additional legal advisors as officials to go with Court chief Ajay Mishra for the review and further, it was requested the Commission present a report by May 17 before the court.

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