A complaint was filed on behalf of the parents of a minor victim who had died in the Hanshkali rape and murder case at the Kolkata High Court on Monday for illegal activity by relevant state police agencies. The court had previously ordered the CBI to investigate the case.

 A 14-year-old girl was reportedly raped by the son of a Panchayat member belongs to the Trinamool Congress and others in the West Bengal district of Nadia. When she returned to her house, she was bleeding heavily and she died soon later that night. According to her parents who appeared in court on April 10 and filed a complaint in police station. The court was also informed that the parents were angry with the actions of the police inspectors and  second officers involved. The court, aware of the matter, allowed the lawyer to file a complaint in the form of an affidavit prior to the next hearing scheduled for June 13. The families of the deceased victims have not yet been compensated. A court on Monday sought a state government response with another PIL of 1 rupee as compensation for the families of minor victims. A PIL was filed, the deceased was invited to birthday party on April 4 by Brijgopal Goalain in the  Shyamnagar area  of ​​Hanshkali, Nadia, West Bengal. His father is a leading political leader of the ruling Trinamool Congress  (TMC) and a member of Gazna Gram Panchayat. In addition, Brijgopal Goalain’s deceased was allegedly gang-raped with 4 other friends. The court emphasized that a fair investigation is needed to increase the trust of the victims’ families, locals and state residents. With the trust of the victim’s family, locals and residents, the investigation should be conducted by the CBI, not the local police, and the state investigative agency is instructed to hand over the investigation to the CBI. State law enforcement authorities will immediately hand over all documents related to the accused’s investigation and detention to the CBI. “

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