Uttar Pradesh passed drafted bill for two child policy. It consist the awards and benefits for the people following the two child policy and punishment for those who don’t follow it.

State law commission of Uttar Pradesh drafted its first bill for controlling and stabilizing the population. Presently, law commission is seeking opinions and suggestions from public over the drafted bill till 19 July.

The bill contains the rewards for the families limiting their families to two or less children and penalties for those families who are not limiting themselves to two children.

After the law came into force, persons who are not following two children norm will be debarred form many benefits like contesting any election of local self government, applying for government job in Uttar Pradesh, they will not promotions in government services, they cannot receive any type of government subsidy, ration card limit will be up to four member only, debarred from benefits of government schemes.

Public servants under Uttar Pradesh Government who adopt two child policy and undergo voluntarily for sterilization operation on himself or spouse will be rewarded by benefits like they will get 2 additional increments during the service, subsidy for purchasing house from housing board development authority, rebate for general public over house tax or water bill or electricity bill, etc, maternity/paternity leave for 12 months with salary, free health insurance, three percent increment in employer’s contribution fund.

Public servant or general public who adopt single child norm will get more benefits like free education for child up to graduation, scholarship for girl child for higher studies, preference in job, preference in admission in educational institutions, free health services, free insurance for child up to 20 yrs of age.

Those who are below poverty line and has one child, if they will decide to go for sterilization operation. They shall be awarded by single time payment of 80,000 if the single child is boy and 1 lakh if the single child is girl.

Government will take the steps like introducing subject on population control in secondary school, to make contraceptives available at reasonable rates at low price.

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