Police,Army,Defence are the backbone of our country, without them country will not run for a single day. But some of the POLice officers use their power beyond the boundaries of law. Sometimes they abuse not filing  FIR,illegal spying and making people under survilence ,making illegal detention,illegal search and sometimes they ask money for to do work. Seeing this the supreme court made a panel to take action against these types of Police


The PCA (police complaint authority ) is made by court in which there are retired judges who look after this panel.


When the police joins his duty he or she has to take the oath that they will protect people from any harm but they uses their power in a wrong way.


The PCA will handel your case because it is free from police power and they own power to entertain your complaint.


Documents required:

The daily entry dairy.

If the injury has happend due to police than mentioned the Medical Report in the Application.

You can attach the photo of injury.

If you logged your complain to any police station than you can attach that copy also.


Who can file complain:

Any extortion done by police.

If there is any death in police custody.

If the police has forcefully grabbed the house aur land of the victim.

Than the next processor is to fill the application form :


The complaint will be logged offline so there must be these details with your forms


Name of the complaint:

Date of complaint:

Contact details of complaint:

Address of Complaint:

When happend:

The name of police officer whom you want to file comaplin:

Is there was any witness:

What was basically said by police officer and what was its behaviour.


So these are some guidlines who have to follow if still there is no response with the application than contact to Advocate to fill an RTI .



Complaint against police in delhi:

Police Compalints Authority

Govt. of NCT of Delhi

Vikas bhavan,I.P. estate

New Delhi 110110.

Tel no:011-23379900/01

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