Arrest means taking person into the legal custody when the person has done crime,or there is any suspected of having committed a Crime.

The person can be arrested by police officer by warrant or without warrant also,but there are some rights which aacused have at the time of arrest which many of the people don’t knew it.

Sec 50 of Crpc states that whenever you are arrested you have following rights:


  • You have right to ask the reason of being arrest.
  • You have right to inform your family member or your any of friend, in case if your family is not there.
  • You have right to inform your advocate.
  • You have right to remain silence if police ask you question because they might be used for evidence.
  • You have right to be present before magistrate within 24hr of your arrest.
  • You have right to ask lawyer before giving any answer to police.
  • No police officer can arrest female after sunset or after 6pm.
  • There must be female police officer for arresting female.

You have right to have fair trial and bail as early possible

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