At first, the fess of lawyers seems high but there are various reasons behind charging such fees. People hire lawyers when they are stuck in some problem before the court of law. They are very stressed about the cases filed against them in court. Lawyers not only take fees from the client but the stress of the problem also transferred on him. Lawyers try to solve their client’s problems as their own.

Lawyer hold court preceding with great arguments and confidence behind this there is his hard work which he has done in preparation of such arguments and enhancing his knowledge regarding the case. Lawyers hired by corporations, big clients to handle their civil suits, criminal proceeding or corporate suits.

There are two crucial factors behind the high fees taken. Firstly the fees rise with the experience of the lawyer and secondly how successful a lawyer he is in his career. The top list lawyer is Harish salve, ram Jethmalani who charges in lakh for their one appearance on a date.

Other factors are as follow:

  • Firm’s location
  • Area in which he practice
  • Structure of fees and its billing process
  • Reputation of his firm
  • Number of associates working under him
  • Fees they have to give for legal work

Lawyers usually set their charges according to the case demand and the client. It’s normal that those lawyers who belong to the high reputation firm will charge high fees and vice versa.

The charges charged by lawyer differs from country to country as well as from area to area in nay country.

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