Police said that in an accident of woman with Baleno car, she was stuck in a wheel of the car. On Sunday, after the accident took place in the Kanjawala district on the outskirts of Delhi. A nude female body was later discovered.

Harendra Singh, DCP told the reporters that she was found naked after being dragged for a long distance with her clothes ripped from her body.

A manslaughter case was opened and police arrested five men who were involved in the accident.

“Around 3:24 a.m., he received a PCR call from Kanjhawala police station in Rohini district. The caller said the body was strapped to a gray Baleno vehicle and was being towed. A caller can give part of registration number of car. Picket line personnel were alerted and given a message to search for the vehicle. At around 4:11 am, another PCR call was received at Kanjhawala police station, saying that the girl’s body was lying on the street. Her corpse was taken to her SGM hospital in Mangolpuri,” said her DCP Singh. “The car was tracked and the occupants of the vehicle were identified during the investigation. They said the car had been in an accident in the Sultanpuri region was handed over to the police station at 3:53 a.m. The scooter belonged to a woman, and a random examination revealed that the victim was caught in the wheels after the accident and was dragged a considerable distance.” he added. Police arrested 26-year-old Deepak Khanna, who was driving car. His friends Amit Khanna, who works at a bank in Uttam Nagar. Krishan, 27, who worked at CP’s Spanish Cultural Center. Hairdresser Mithun at a hair salon and grocer Manoj Mittal in Sultanpuri.

Police said that the woman worked part-time at a wedding and other events and then returned home from the event. Police said the suspect and the victim did not know each other.

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