After police in Mathura interrogated the parents of a 21-year-old woman whose body was found in a red suitcase on the Yamuna highway last week, they killed her for marrying against her will. Police concluded that she had left home for several days without any contact of family. According to police, the victim, Ayushi Yadav, was married to someone in Arya Samaj.

Police initially did not know who she was and formed 14 teams to look for clues, but they made a breakthrough when pointed out by a local informant in Delhi. the informant said that she lived with her family in Badalpur, southeast Delhi, and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computers at DGIT. She was allegedly shot dead by her father Nitesh Yadav, and her mother Brijbala allegedly attended him to dispose of her body. After killing her, they wrapped her corpse in plastic, packed it in a suitcase, and drove it onto the Yamuna highway.

During her interrogation, her parents told police that she had “left the house for several days” without saying anything, which infuriated them. They added that she was married against her will at the Arya Samaj temple.When she returned last Thursday, she got into an altercation with her family and was shot and killed around 2 p.m. said the police.

A case under IPC Sections 302 (Murder) and section 201 was registered against the woman’s parents at the Rajya Police Station in Mathura.

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