Satish Chandra Sharma, Chief Justice of the High Court of Telangana, said on Wednesday that young lawyers must be as curious as detectives,  as relentless as peasants, and as accurate as surgeons.

 The CJ addressed the congregation in court to say goodbye to him about the transfer to the Delhi High Court and urged senior members of the bar association to guide the young lawyers. CJ explained that he was also a senior adviser to Madhya Pradesh HC before becoming a judge, recalling that a young lawyer seeks advice from an experienced lawyer for his first few days as a lawyer.

 “Now things have changed. The law school educates students so well that they can practice the law from day one,” CJ said.  CJ said he personally believes that junior lawyers should seek advice from seniors, as specific core values ​​are taught only by seniors.

 He explained that there is no shortcut to diligence, and stated that the most important duty of the judiciary was to strengthen the weak against the strong and to protect the small fish from the large fish. He stated that honesty is a hallmark of judicial discipline.

  He thanked the state government for converting 38 Fast Track courts to regular courts, but emphasised the need to increase the number of courts in the newly established district. Judge Ujjal Bhuyan,  appointed CJ of Telangana HC, said Judge Sharma has a wonderful heart from an educated family. “It is often said that appearance is deceptive. His cheerful nature is just one aspect of his character. He is very serious about his work as a judge, deeply interested in the judicial system, and devoted to work, “said Judge Ujjal Bhuyan. Advocate General B.S. Prasad said the  CJ Satish Chandra Sharma initiative helped significantly reduce the pendency of the case.

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