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Andhra Pradesh High Court Sets Up Special Bench to Expedite Cases Against Politicians

In response to directives from the Supreme Court, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has taken proactive measures to expedite and...

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Bombay High Court Affirms House Arrest Inclusion in Custody Calculation

In a recent judgment, the Bombay High Court clarified that the duration of house arrest should be considered as a...

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Supreme Court Holds State Electricity Board’s Supply Rate as Market Value for Section 80-IA Deductions

In a significant verdict, the Supreme Court has clarified the computation of deductions under Section 80-IA of the Income Tax...

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Kerala High Court Upholds Senior Citizen’s Right to Company of Siblings and Close Relatives

In a significant ruling, the Kerala High Court emphasized the entitlement of senior citizens to maintain connections with their siblings...

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Supreme Court Rejects Compensation to Deceased Victim’s Brothers Under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

In a recent development, the Supreme Court, in its decisive order dated December 4, dismissed the compensation awarded to the...

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Supreme Court Rejects Imposition of Conjugal Stay Condition for Anticipatory Bail under Section 498A IPC: Landmark Ruling in Kunal Choudhary vs. The State of Jharkhand

In a groundbreaking judgment, the Supreme Court of India ruled that while granting anticipatory bail under Section 498A of the...

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