In a world where legal battles are fought with words and wits, one aspect often overlooked is the fight for inclusivity. But fear not, because a new era of change is dawning in Indian law firms, and it’s all about making space for everyone – including persons with disabilities.
Lights, Camera, Inclusion!
Picture this: a law firm where diversity isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life. That’s exactly what Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co (SAM) is aiming for, and they’re leading the charge in making their workplace a more inclusive environment. Anchal Bhateja, a blind law graduate, shares her experience of joining SAM after two internships. From screen reader software to pick-up and drop facilities, SAM is pulling out all the stops to ensure that Bhateja and others like her feel right at home.
The Plot Thickens: Challenges and Triumphs
But the journey to inclusion isn’t without its challenges. Ali Feroz, another visually-impaired graduate, recalls his initial struggles with software during his internship. However, SAM’s IT Cell stepped in to save the day, proving that with a little effort and understanding, barriers can be overcome. It’s stories like these that highlight the importance of proactive measures in creating a truly inclusive workplace.
A New Script for Success
SAM isn’t the only player in town when it comes to disability inclusion. Law graduates and experienced lawyers alike are joining the movement for change. Tapas Bhardwaj and Amar Jain, both former law firm practitioners turned disability rights activists, are paving the way for a more inclusive legal landscape. Their message is clear: disability inclusion isn’t just a checkbox – it’s a fundamental right that must be upheld.
Lights, Camera, Advocacy!
But inclusion isn’t just about providing accommodations – it’s about changing mindsets. Bhateja emphasizes the importance of a rights-based approach, where solutions are designed in consultation with persons with disabilities. It’s not about sympathy; it’s about recognizing talent and potential, regardless of ability. And with leaders like Managing Partner Shardul Shroff championing merit-based appointments, the stage is set for a more inclusive future.
The Final Act:
As the curtain falls on this chapter of the legal drama, one thing is clear: disability inclusion isn’t just a plot twist – it’s the main storyline. With law firms like SAM leading by example, the future of Indian law looks brighter than ever. So here’s to breaking barriers, smashing stereotypes, and embracing diversity – because in the world of law, everyone deserves a seat at the table.

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