• Medical termination of pregnancy amendment act, 2021 amended the Medical termination of pregnancy act, 1971. The major change is in section 3 of MTP act to extend the limit for abortion for certain women from 20 weeks to 24 weeks.
  • If an order of apex court states any principal of law then it will be binding on the court and tribunals of India. No court and tribunal is at liberty to express the contrary view to the one expressed by the apex court held by the apex court in V. senthur and another vs M Vijayakumar and others, 2017. This is necessary to maintain the decorun of hierarchy between the courts.
  • If there is contradiction between the evidence produced before the tribunal and the contents of FIR then the former prevail over the latter. This held by the Supreme Court in motor accident by negligence case. (National insurance company vs Chamundeswari & ors.
  • If the family documents deals with past transactions or existing family arrangements than there is compulsion to register such document under section 17 of Registration act, 1908. Provided that such document should not create any right in immovable property. This held by the court in korukonda chalapathi rao & ors vs Korukonda Annapurna, 2021.
  • CJI N V Ramana stated during a speech in Pan India awareness and outreach Campaign that right to equal access to justice would only protect the constitution mandate of equality. During the same campaign Justice Lalit had appeal to senior advocates to take 3 bono cases every year.
  • Supreme Court highlighted the order of vesting jurisdiction in CBI to investigate the case across the India (Dharam Singh vs CBI, 2021).

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