The Delhi High Court approved the release of Ranveer Singh’s movie, Jashby Jodar, starring Yashraj, on Tuesday.

 The split-bench, consisting of Judge Navin Chaula and Judge Manoj Kumar Ori, dismisses the plea of ​​the NGO  Youth Against Climb and portrays a trailer for the prenatal sex-determining scene. I challenged the movie in search of it. The movie will be shown in theatres on May 13th. “The petitioner’s lawyer said, considering that the film has already been certified and will be shown in theatres on May 13, and the currently agreed disclaimer will be shown in the scene in question. The court fairly claims that it did not proceed with the petition stated by the court. The

 case is to remove from the film some scenes showing gender determination exercises taking place at the Ultrasonic Clinic. It was raised for the public good to ask. According to complaint filed by lawyer Pawan Prakash Pathak, the film is about a woman’s pregnancy and strives to promote the purpose of the Save Girl Child, but the trailer uses ultrasonic gender selection techniques. Is being promoted. Prejudice and Prenatal Diagnostic Technology (PCPNDT) method in 1994. The

 World Bank proposed to display certain additional disclaimers on trailers and movies when the scene in question was displayed, but senior lawyers said his opinion was a static warning during the scene in question. Or I agreed to display the disclaimer. It was also suggested that similar warnings should be presented in all formats, including trailers and other videos available on Youtube and other platforms. However,  the same was already in circulation, so it was searched for a while.

 “The Chief Attorney Learned warrants to the court that the same thing will be inserted within a week. Defendant No. 4 is bound by the submissions submitted by the Chief Attorney on his behalf, “the court admitted. Attorneys at the applicant NGO alleged that such depictions violated the PCPNDT Act of 1994. He is also Sabu Mathew. Relied on the judgment of the Supreme Court of Dr The Indian Union, where the court emphasized the dignity, rights and agents of women and took into account the statement of purpose and reason and the preamble of the law.

 Meanwhile, Defendant’s lawyer, namely Center, Central Board of Film Certification, and producer Yash Raj Films Private Limited alleges that the film was cleared by the board in accordance with static disclaimers during and before the ultrasound scene. bottom.

“The ban does not mean that evil has disappeared from society. It is still there,” Judge Chaura verbally said at today’s hearing.

 Yesterday, courts said the film was intended to send a good message to society, but the trailer seems to be freely available to prenatal sex-determining techniques (prohibited by law). It was certified that it was reflected in.

 The petitioner’s lawyer, Pawan Prakash Pathak, argued that the main complaint about advertising was the use of ultrasonic technology for gender selection. It was para. Pre-pregnancy and Prenatal Diagnostic Technology (PCPNDT) Acts of 1994 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 6 and 22.

 This law prohibits pre- and post-conception gender selection and pre-detection of genetic abnormalities. Regulate prenatal diagnostic techniques for these purposes. Etc.

 seconds. Section 3A prohibits gender selection, and Section 3B prohibits the sale of ultrasonic devices, etc. to individuals, laboratories, clinics, etc. that are not registered under the law.

 Section 22 explicitly prohibits advertising related to prenatal sex determination and punishment for offenders.

 Therefore, it was prayed that the respondent, the Central Board of Film Certification, was ordered to censor or remove the ultrasound clinic scene from the film.

 “The cause of action is:

” Gender-selective ultrasound technology is publicly advertised without censorship and is compliant with Sections 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 6, and 22 Ultrasound Clinic Scene PC and PNDT No law is allowed, so immediate PIL is allowed. “

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