The complainant logged an FIR against the boy . She had alleged in the complaint that the boy called her home where where he was alone and forcibly made physical relation with her.she had also alleged that she was taken the Vashino devi temple where he made her obscene movie and threatened her to upload it on internet.

The complainant later stated that she was in love with the boy and they promised to marry each other.

Justice Jaishree Thakur referring to the compromise observed ; As the Parties have solemnized marriage with each other and they are living their happy married life ,Hence it would be welfare if the present FIR is quashed.

The order quashing the FIR alleging rape is apparently against the spirit the order of Supreme court in MP vs. Madan lal where it held that in rape or attempt to rape,the conception of compromise under no circumstances can really be thought of.

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