Rape, again in the capital of India, but this time the accused got rigorous punishment. A man from New Delhi has been found guilty for raping a woman for over a year on the pretext of marriage. The man also blackmailed the victim by claiming to upload the videos of their sexual acts on the internet. The accused threatened her by putting her sexual videos on YouTube or will make it viral if she did not come to his house for sexual intercourse.

A single bench of Justice Kumar of Delhi’s Fast Track Court has sentenced the accused for a term of 20-years of rigorous imprisonment and Rs. 1.38 lakhs in fine. The Court observed the CD which had the victim and the accused in a compromising position. The CD was retrieved from a spy cam’s memory card which belonged to the accused. The court has concluded that the man established sexual relations on the pretext of marriage which he filmed on his spy-cam but later threatened her to upload the videos and raped her.

The victim had approached the accused man in pursuance of a job. He got her a job at a hospital as a helper to a patient. Their interactions grew, which led to the victim’s mother asking the man for marriage with her daughter. Things, however, went sour when the victim found another woman in the man’s house. Later this led to arguments between the two, and the man threatening her with the videos.

The man, however, did not deny using the spy-cam before the court. He only questioned the use of forensic evidence by the victim. The court has booked him under section 376 of IPC i.e. for rape, criminal intimidation, and cheating and sent him behind the bar.


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