WTO’s ministerial conference is the highest decision making the body of WTO which meets once in two years. This year 2017, it was the 11th  such conference held on dec10-13 @ Buenos Aires (Argentina, also known as a city of fair winds) wd. 164 member nations. The last 10th was held in 2015 @ Nairobi.

Peace clause is for the defense of developing countries for giving subsidies to its domestic sector (more than capital of 10% as mentioned). Peace clause bars developed nations to drag developing countries into WTO from legal actions for obstructing free trade. The clause requires full details of MSP’s and other subsidies to be disclosed which is interference in domestic sovereignty.

They lose their food grains markets due to governments of developing countries giving subsidies or distribution channels of PDS make their products uncompetitive. The outcome of the conference was positive for India as we were able to bag farmer’s interest and food security for poor population and no permanent solution. On global trade facilitation or peace, the clause could be taken due to non-consensus of members. On the other hand, India was successful in stopping including issues like investment facilitation, e-commerce into the WTO. W.R.T peace clause we have got more time at least till 2019 as 2017 was the year after Bali December of 2013 that talked for a permanent solution for peace clause in 2017. But India does not need peace clause as subsidies it gives are much lower than 10%. India, however, submitted proposals on 6 issues. Public stockholding, e-commerce, domestic regulation, special safeguards mechanism, trade facilitation in services

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