On Friday the apex court dismissed the special leave petition filed in the sexual exploitation case. This special leave petition was filed against the order passed by the Madhya Pradesh High court in the rape case of 23 year old.

The high court passed an order of granting anticipatory bail in the rape case. Against this present appeal is filed in this court.

The bench consists of Chief Justice of India N V Ramana, Justice A S Bopanna and Justice Hima Kohli.

In FIR the allegations were made that the accused took her nude pictures.

Justice Hima Kohli asked the informant that for 2 year he exploited you sexually two years and you have not complained about it. She further told the court that the accused was 11 years old to me and employee in government services and in the pretext of marriage he made sexual relations with me.

The petitioner argued that high court error in granting anticipatory bail to the accused. The accused after making relation for two years refused to marry at last. Then the informant lodged the FIR against the accused.

The apex court heard the argument made by the appellant and respondent and lat decided in favour of the accused and dismissed the special leave petition filed by the appellant.

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