This appeal and the connected matters have been directed against the final order of judgement of conviction and sentence passed on various dates by presiding officers of the designated court under Terrorist and disruptive activities prevention act, 1987 for Bombay bomb blast case. This appeal has been filed under section 19 of TADA by the accused against his conviction by the CBI for confirmation of the death sentence and against the acquittal of some of the accused persons.

Babri Masjid at Ayodhya was demolished on 06/12/1992. After its demolition violence broke out throughout the country. In order to take revenge on the said demolition, Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim resident of Dubai formulated a conspiracy to commit a Terrorist act in the city of Bombay.

IT was an unprecedented all-night drama that started with President Pranab Mukherjee rejecting the convict’s mercy plea. Before midnight word spread of Menon’s lawyers approaching the Chief Justice of Indian high court at his residence again to obtain a stay on the execution.

Immediately after 2 AM lawyer Prashant Bhushan, Vrinda Grover activist thronged court no.4 of the Supreme court after CJI told them the case would be heard by the bench headed by Justice Deepak Mishra. As Anand Grover stands up to address the Bench on behalf of Memon,” right to life is to even a death row convict till his last breath”. He said making his point for the stay order on the execution. He was only seeking 14 days in accordance with a 2014 SC verdict.

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