Section 4 Punishment for penetrative sexual assault:10yr/LI and fine
For child u/16- 20yr/LI and fine
Section 6 punishment for aggravated penetrative sexual assault: 20yr/LI and fine or death
Section 8 punishment for sexual assault : 3yr- 5yr and fine
Section 10 punishment for aggravated sexual assault: 5yr- 7yr and fine
Section 12 punishment for sexual harassment: Extended to 3yr and fine
Section 14 punishment for using child for pornographic purpose : 1st – 5yr and fine
2nd – 7yr and fine
Section 15 : Personal use- 1st – 5000 fine
2nd – 10000 fine
Distribution – 3y/fine/both
Commercial- 1st 3yr -5yr/fine/both
2nd – 5yr -7yrs and fine

Section 17 abetment :Same as for offence
Section 18 attempt :½ of maximum imprisonment/fine/both
½ of life imprisonment (10yr)
Section 21 :Person- 6month/fine/both
Comm./ inst- 1yr/fine/both
Section 22 False complaint complaint against person not child- 6 month/ fine/ both
Against child- 1yr/fine/both
Section 23 Media- 6months – 1yr /fine/both
Section 42 alternative punishment: Greater in degree

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