Right to marry person of choice was also provided to people in ancient times as’ Swayamvar’; now this right provided to persons under article 21 of Indian constitution said Punjab & Haryana High Court. Swayamvar i.e. marriage by your own choice isn’t something new. Its roots can be traced in ancient history including holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata,” the Court observed in Tek Chandv. State of Punjab and Others. Justice Jagmohan Bansal said, ” Swayamvar i.e. marriage by your own choice isn’t a New concept in society. Its roots can be traced in ancient history including holy books like Ramayana, Mahabharata. The Court, thus, quashed the FIR which was registered against Tek Chand. The Court noted that the men and women involved in the matter had attained the age of maturity and had entered into marriage though against the wishes of their parents still, they’re happily living with each other. The Court said that, the courts and law enforcement agencies have no the right to disturb them, they’ve right to live their life in the way and manner they like. They’re blessed with two children. State has no right to intrude in the life of a properly wedded couple,” the Court observed. Tek Chand moved the Court seeking quashing of the FIR lodged against him for offences under Sections 363, 366A of the Indian Penal Code. The father of a girl had contended that Tek Chanda had taken her daughter on the rationale of marriage. Tek Chand informed the Court that the girl and he praised their marriage on July 3, 2019 and they’re blessed with two children. He also told that on September 17, 2019, both Tek Chand and the girl had moved the High Court seeking protection of their lives and liberty. The Court had also directed the elderly supervisor of police( SSP), Sri Muktsar Sahib to take note on the representation of the pleaders and act in agreement with law. Continuance of felonious proceedings isn’t only going to disturb life of the accused but also there are all possibilities of disturbance in life of wife and their children. The Court quashed the case against Tek Chand.

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